Bring Back Missing Image Folder

No one wants to lose their beloved pictures captured at their loving moments. In case if it happened unfortunately then user feel like a heart-attacking and feel very bad about losing those loving photos. After this situation, many users may think that is there any chance to get them back as they were before. Yes, definitely you can because when photos are disappeared from your hard disk or any storage devices, those photos are not vanished completely from hard disk but its reference pointer become null and makes allocated space as free for storing other data.  In such situation, you should need special photo recovery software to perform photo recovery operation from where you lost your favourite pictures.  This tool is more specific in rescuing all formats of photos such as JPEG, GIF, PNG and other RAW Picture folders from any storage devices on both Windows and Mac OS based machines in a couple of minutes. This tool comprises of algorithms which makes scanning of hard disk so faster and locates all lost photos in a couple of minutes and lists all pictures found during scanning process. By just few mouse clicks, one can easily rescue files like photo folders deleted from recycle bin without much effort.

List of scenarios, which make you to lose your pictures folders from hard disk

All users prefer hard disk to store their loving photo folders backup because of its fabulous storing capacity and its durability. However, due to some unfortunate situations makes them to lose their photo folders. Consider some examples that   suppose, in hard disk to access files and folders file header plays an important role. Because its consists of vital information about a file which is stored in hard disk that file size, type, modified date, created date etc. Without these information you cannot able to access files and folders, in case any damage happened to this file header and lost its maintained information then you are unable to access your pictures folders and finally results in loss of huge data from hard disk. Then you can go through folder recovery software, to get back all files. It can also enables to recover large folder from Recycle Bin and this recovery procedure is given here -

User is also one of the basic reasons behind loss of photos, user may delete picture folders while arranging and modifying a folder attributes. In PC, you can dynamically customize a folder attributes and even you can makes that folder as password protected when you do not to share these photos with others. However, if you not able to remember that password for long time then it’s difficult to open it and you need a password crack tool to get them back. However, in such situation still there are chances of losing those folders due to use of improper third party utility. In such situation this photo recovery tool will help you lot to recover those lost or deleted photo folder in easy way. In addition, this tool also helps to perform folder recovery on Windows 7 in a simple way. The photos deleted from my documents folder can also be retsored along with the folder structure. Moreover, demo version of this tool is also available in websites. You can make use of this demo version to check this tool capabilities in recovering photo folders from any storage devices. Finally, you can buy this tool upon satisfactory results obtained in demo version. To get more information about this tool, visit

Steps to reocver missing image folder:

Step 1: Download and run this tool in your system. As soon as you launch the tool click on "Recover Files" option in your main window. Select "Recover Lost Files" from the next window as shown in figure 1.

Bring Back Missing Image Folder - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Choose approriate drive from the list and click on next button to start recovery process as shown in figure 2.

Bring Back Missing Image Folder - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3:After performing recovery process, you can preview all recovered image folders as showni n figure 3.

Bring Back Missing Image Folder - Preview Recovered Folders

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Folders

Step 4: By using "Save Recovery Session" option save the previously scanned results. Purchase the utility if you are satisfied with its performance.