Delete Files With Similar Names

Consider a scenario, “I have a pen drive which has some problem and do not show any files when transferred to it. If I copy files in a folder and move it to the flash drive then I could see the folder. Hence, I can access files in that folder. I used this procedure to copy and view my files in the USB drive whenever I had to. Sometimes, I used to delete the folders and the other times I deleted the files from the location where I used to copy them to a folder to be moved to pen drive. Now, the data on my computer has become very messy. Free memory space on my computer has also decreased drastically. I need to remove the repeated files on my computer. But I could not make out how many duplicate files are there manually, from the massive data stored on the computer. Is there a way to detect and delete all duplicate files at once? Please let me know if you know any way by which I can do it automatically as I do not have much of time to do it myself.”

You might have faced situation like above and want to delete duplicate files that are there on your computer with same name and content. If you remember the names then you can find their location and if the same file is found in multiple locations then you can delete all files keeping single file. You won’t know the file name and location of all files. There is no option on your PC also to find duplicate files and remove them. Do not worry, you can find and delete duplicate files with similar names or content using third party software.

Some tools will delete duplicate files automatically. Is the software reliable to give it the authority to delete duplicate files? This question arises when you have stored very important data on your computer and you are scared of the data getting deleted or modified by third party tools. You might have stored your important project files, media files, etc. If you do not have any other source from where you can get back those files then you need to choose the tool to use wisely.

Remo MORE software is the best suited freeware for deleting duplicate files on your PC. This tool just detects the duplicate files and it allows you to delete files. Hence you can be free from the fear of losing important files due to auto deletion by the program. This comes with lot of features added in it as given ahead.

Remo MORE to delete duplicate files with similar names:

Remo MORE helps you to delete duplicate files with similar names. This utility has the option to scan for duplicate files in a folder or in whole drive of computer. After viewing the resulted files, you can delete all duplicate files with same name and keep one copy of the file. This application also provides you the option to scan for all files or selected files. This program is stuffed with lots of features to optimize data on your Windows PC. For example, you can wipe free space, clean Registry, optimize memory and even privacy cleaner is there on this software. Try this free tool on your Windows computer now and make the most of it to manage, optimize, enhance and recovery data on your PC.

Simple steps to use Remo MORE software to delete duplicate files with similar names:

Step 1: Download Remo MORE software on your Windows computer and install it. Select “Optimize” option to get the screen as shown in Fig 1. Then click on “Remove Duplicate” option from the screen.

Delete Duplicate Files by Name - Otimize Main Screen

Fig 1. Otimize Main Screen

Step 2: The next screen appears as shown in Fig 2. Select “Find Duplicate - Drive” option to scan for repeated files on selected drive.

Delete Duplicate Files by Name - Remove Duplicates Main Screen

Fig 2. Remove Duplicates Main Screen

Step 3: Then from next screen select the drive to be scanned for duplicate files and click on “Next” to proceed.

Delete Duplicate Files by Name - Select Drive

Fig 3. Select Drive

Step 4: From next screen, you will get the option for selecting file types of which you want to detect duplicity. You can select, “Look for all file types (*.*)” , to scan for all file types and click on “Scan” option.

Delete Duplicate Files by Name - Select File Types

Fig 4. Select File Types

Step 5: The software scans the selected drive and lists out the duplicate files. The similar files will be alligned one after the other immediately. Hence, you can make out the duplicate files with same name and select them to delete leaving out one copy. After selecting, click on “Delete Permanently” option. You will get the pop up screen as shown in Fig 5. Click on “Yes” to delete the files permanently and hence remove duplicate files. Then click on “Finish”, to close the application.

Delete Duplicate Files by Name - Confirm Duplicate Files Deletion

Fig 5. Confirm Duplicate File Deletion