Remove Duplicate MP3 Files

Music plays a very important role in our day to day life as it helps us in relaxing. Almost everyone has a phone, MP3 player, iPod, etc. There might be a huge collection of your favorite songs on these devices. Some people even save many songs and other files on their computer system.  But sometimes you might notice that a song is saved on more than one location. This can be due to the syncing of your iPod with your system or you might have copied a folder full of songs from your friend’s pen drive, which contained some songs that you already had.

There are many other reasons similar to the one mentioned above, which results in many copies of the same MP3 file. In most of the cases, the users don’t even know that they have duplicate MP3 files. But this kind of negligence can result in slow PC performance or lack of memory storage. Although it is not manually possible to search your entire computer for duplicate MP3 files, but still it is should be done. So, what is the solution and how to remove duplicate MP3 files from your system? The perfect answer to this question is Remo MORE software.

This software will help you to maintain your system health by cleaning duplicate MP3 files that are using up valuable memory space. By deleting duplicate MP3 files, this software will boost the system performance and make it faster. After removing duplicate MP3 files, you will have a cleaner and more organized music library that you can enjoy.

Remo MORE has the ability to identify duplicate MP3 songs accurately and display the results in very less time.

Benefits of cleaning duplicate MP3 files

  • Increase system performance
  • Free up memory space on devices like iPod, Mp3 Players and USB drives
  • Reduce backup size and time

Why Remo MORE?

Remo MORE is the best software for finding and deleting duplicate MP3 files. It has a powerful scanning engine that searches the entire drive for duplicate MP3 files in a small time span. The results are very much accurate that you can delete the duplicate files with confidence. There are two options provided after the tool searches the duplicate files. You can either delete them permanently or send them to Recycle Bin.

Using this software, one can search the entire drive for duplicate MP3 files or select a particular folder to search duplicates in that. It also provides an option to search for all file types or files of a particular category (video, audio, images, archives and applications) for duplicacy. All the duplicate files will be listed in the tool with their location and a checkbox in front of them. Select the files that you want to delete and remove the duplicate files. The tool also works perfectly to find and remove duplicate MP3 files from externally connected devices also. Remo MORE is very easy to use, but still if you find any difficulty then follow the steps given below. They will guide you throughout the process.

How to remove duplicate MP3 files?

Step 1: From the main screen, select “Optimize

Remove Duplicate MP3 Files - Main Screen

Step 2: Then select “Remove Duplicates” option

Remove Duplicate MP3 Files - Select Remove Duplicates

Step 3: Choose either “Drive” or “Folder” option

Remove Duplicate MP3 Files - Select Drive or Folder option

Step 4: Select the drive from which you want to find the duplicate MP3 files

Remove Duplicate MP3 Files - Select Drive

Step 5: Select the file type as audio

Remove Duplicate MP3 Files - Select file types

Step 6: Wait until the tool searches for duplicate files

Remove Duplicate MP3 Files - Searching for duplicate files

Step 7: After that a list of duplicate files will be displayed. Select the ones that you want to remove

Remove Duplicate MP3 Files - Duplicate files displayed