How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Folders from HDD, SSD, and USB Drives?

  • One-stop solution to restore files and folders deleted from various internal and external storage drives
  • Supports data restoration after formatting, reformatting, accidental deletion, repartitioning, virus infection, etc.
  • Suited to run on all editions of Windows and Macintosh
  • Download the demo version now to recover and preview the recovered files for free
  • Employs advanced features like "Save Recovery Session" that allows users to resume the recovery process

Folders on your systems help you organize the important files such as system files, picture, songs, videos, etc. separately. While dealing with files or folders on your computer you might end up accidentally delete valuable data items. When a backup of the deleted files are unavailable the situation could prove troublesome to any user.

Common reasons behind accidental deletion of folders:

  • While deleting some unwanted folders you might mistakenly select important folders and delete them.
  • If your deleted file size is more than Recycle Bin storage capacity then it bypasses deleted item storage folder.
  • Emptying the recycle bin without verifying
  • Applying Shift-Delete on vital files
  • Deletion of files from the Windows command prompt
  • Wrongly formatting the drive

Deleted folders can be easily retrieved

The files are not completely erased soon after deletion but the occupied space is marked as free until they are overwritten with new data Though the deleted files are no longer accessible at the user end, the files can be undeleted until they are overwritten by any new data. Therefore, you must stop adding any new files to the drive upon encountering file deletion scenarios. Now, to retrieve the accidentally deleted files, all you need is a robust tool- Folder Recovery.

Excellent Features of the Folder Recovery Software:

Folder recovery is the top-rated tool and is highly recommended by industry experts. Using this file/folder restoration utility, you can retrieve My Pictures folder, my Music folder, My Documents, My Videos, and other systems files folders without any hassle. The software is designed with advanced scanning techniques that help in secure restoration of the accidentally deleted files.

With the assistance of this utility, you can easily restore files from a RAW external hard drive, SSD, USB drives, memory cards, and other external storage drives. This program can be installed on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Try out the demo version

You can use the trial version of the Folder Recovery software and check how effectively it can perform file/folder retrieval. You can even preview the recovered files and check the efficiency of the software. If you are satisfied with the output then you can purchase the licensed version and save all the recovered files.

Steps to recover accidentally deleted folders

Step 1: Download and install the Folder Recovery software on your computer. The main screen avails you three different options, among them click on the "Recover Files" option.

Step 2: Mention the drive from where the file got accidentally got deleted. Press on the Scan button.

Figure 1: Recover Partitions/Drives

Step 3: The program starts extracting the deleted files from the drive you specified.

Figure 2: Scanning for Folders

Step 4: View the recovered files under File Type View and Data View layouts.

Figure 3: Recovered Folders

Step 5: Right-click on the file item to preview. Then you can start marking the files that you want to save.

Figure 4: Preview Window

Step 6: Specify a secure file location to save the files restored after file deletion. Press on the Save button.

Figure 5: Save Recovered Folders