How tto Retrieve Deleted Folders from Memory Card

  • Download the trial version that is available at free of cost
  • Trial version scans the memory card and recovers all your media files, & then allows to preview the recovered files and folders
  • "Save Recovery Session" feature in the demo version allows you to resume the recovery process in future without having to rescanning the memory card
  • In addition to memory card, it also supports other storage devices including hard drives, pen drives, flash drives, USB drives, etc.

“I connected my memory card and deleted some of my personnel folders inside. I did all this stuff in my Windows 7 operating system. After deleting the folders I realized that some of them were not backed up. So I reinserted the memory card in the same PC and what a heck!!! Now the entire drive is acting weird. I found nothing inside except an unknown file with an unknown file format with the file name in symbols. I tried checking the Pendrive by connecting it in Windows operating system as well but no use. Still the same error I need good recovery software to retrieve deleted folders from memory card…”

These are hard times in the technocrat industry and it can happen to anyone at any time. Users accessing their folders in memory cards through any unsupported operating system have experienced these issues a lot. The root cause for this issue is because of the file system conversion. As we know that all the storage devices requires a file system to perform the file operations. It is done at the time of formatting the memory card. When connecting a memory cards with a PC operating system either in paid or open source, the memory card files system has to be accepted. If the PC fails to recognize the file system or if the file system is unidentified then the OS by itself will try to convert the available files and folders to its supportable default file system.

This happens particularly at the time of folder deletion in memory cards. These deleted folders can be retrieved along with its file structure using a powerful memory card recovery tool. This tool is stuffed with strong mechanism that dramatically pulls out the deleted folders from the corrupted memory card. This legitimate software holds extremely powerful features to recover files and folders from any storage devices. Some of the well deserved features deployed in this software are as follows.

  • Inevitable tool to restore all kinds of file formats along with its folder structure.
  • Successfully recover folders from all kind of memory cards used now a day.
  • This tool can work perfectly in both Windows and Mac operating system.
  • The recovered folders and file can be sorted based on its file types.
  • Folder that is deleted using third party applications of mobile devices and other devices can be recovered without any trouble.
  • Folders that are deleted across using other file system can be retrieved within a few clicks.
  • Recover files from corrupted hard disk, external hard drive, USB drives, FireWire Drives, iPods etc without any difficulty.

The folder that was deleted from memory card can be recovered with a few clicks and hits. This tool is accompanied by an on the flow tutorial which elaborates the instructions visually. However for naïve users it needs to be briefed.

How to recover deleted folders from memory card?

Step 1: Download the application on your computer

Step 2: Run the application and make sure that the memory card is connected with the PC.


How to Undelete Folders - Select Physical Drive

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 3: In the main window, choose “Recover files” and in the upcoming window pick “Recover Deleted Files” option there.

Fig B: Choose the Recover Files

Step 4: This option will take you to a new window with all the available drives connected with the PC. Choose the memory card and click on “Next”. Select the needed folders that need to be retrieved and save the session.

Fig C: Choose the Memory Card

Step 5: Purchase the software if satisfied and extract the recovered files from the saved sessions.