How to Undelete Folders?

  • Undeletes files and folders after Shift + Delete, accidental formatting, emptying the Recycle Bin, etc.
  • Supports folder recovery from all popular storage devices including hard drives, SSDs, pen drives, memory cards, and others
  • recovers videos, audio files, images, documents, and other file formats with ease
  • Previews the recovered files and folders in the demo version prior to purchasing the software
  • "Save Recovery Session" feature of the software reduces your valuable time, and thereby you can resume the recovery process any time further

At times we delete some of our valuable folders accidentally from Windows or Mac. These deleted folders are not permanently deleted from the computer until and unless it is overwritten by new files or folders. Any deleted file or folder can be extracted in the recycle bin of your Windows PC. Recycle bin contains all the deleted files and folders in our system. There are times when we empty this recycle bin accidentally or purposely. To clean up the bin one may intentionally delete the deleted folders or files in the recycle bin. To overcome these situations you have to make use of this highly-proficient software like Folder Recovery to get back deleted files from recycle bin within a short span of time.

If you have deleted folders accidentally from your Windows or Mac machine, data can be fetched effortlessly with the help of this reliable recovery tool. You can also find folders after a Shift-Delete operation using the Folder Recovery Software.

Common scenarios of file/folder deletion

There are various ways of deleting a folder. While trying to relocate available free space among various partitions you may accidentally delete a partition due to which the folders stored in that partition also get deleted. You will lose priceless folders if you simply hit on delete folder option in your computer. By using some key combinations such as "Shift + Delete" folders or files can be deleted. Using the third-party tools can lead to the deletion of essential data in the folders. Some dangerous viruses may change the structure of the files in the folders and they may delete those files which result in data loss from folders. You can recover all your folders deleted due to the factors mentioned above by making use of Folder Recovery Software which can retrieve deleted folders safely and quickly.

Folder restoration is now made easy

Folder recovery is been built with the best recovery engine to revive deleted folders from your computer system; even after emptying recycle bin or while repartitioning hard drive. You can recover folders deleted from memory cards such as SD cards, Multimedia cards, CF cards, and Smart media cards by using the Folder Recovery utility. If you want to retrieve folders deleted from your removable external drive such as a USB drive then you can try folder recovery program and recover deleted folder from various USB drive types such as USB thumb drive, pen drive, memory stick etc. By using "Shift + Delete" key combination if you have deleted folders from your Windows 7 system then by using the Folder Recovery application you can retrieve deleted folders from Windows 7 quickly within a few minutes. Let us go through the steps given below to learn the same. If you have accidentally deleted essential partitions containing folders while repartitioning the drive, configuring dual Operating System or while deleting unwanted partitions then don't worry as you can easily recover folders from deleted partition using this folder recovery software.

Steps to undelete folders:

Step 1: Install the Folder Recovery application on your computer. Select "Recover Partitions/Drives" option on the main window. On the next screen a click on "Partition Recovery" option.

How to Undelete Folders - Select Partition Recovery

Figure 1: Select Partition Recovery

Step 2: Up next, choose a drive from the list of drives for the tool to scan for deleted files.

How to Undelete Folders - Select Physical Drive

Figure 2: Select Physical Drive

Step 3: By clicking on "Preview" button you can preview the recovered folders

How to Undelete Folders  - Preview Recovered Data

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Data

Step 4: Continue to save the scanned results