Best Software to Recover Folders after Format

  • Folder Recovery software retrieves the files and folders after formatting the hard drive, SSD, pen drive, memory card, flash drive, USB drive, etc.
  • Supports all file systems including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFS, and HFS+
  • Apart from formatted drives, it also restores corrupted, re-partitioned, and re-formatted drives with utmost ease
  • Download the free version now to recover and previeew the files before activating the license of the software

Folders are commonly created to store vital files. You can store various types of files within a folder including audio, video, document, etc. A folder is really important for those who use it to manage their crucial data. But sometimes it happens to users as they are trapped in a situation where formatting is must to make use of the hard drive further. If you are encountering such unexpected situations and have decided to format the hard drive partition then I want to tell you, here you will have to format the hard drive unwillingly. Once you format hard drive all data within the drive is wiped out. You may lose vital folders within the same scenario.

So once any user formats the hard disk drive accidentally or intentionally all folders will be lost. If you are facing such folder loss issues, then you are at right place to get the supreme solution to restore folders after format from different storage drives and partition. Folder Recovery application helps you to carry out folder restoration after format in a few easy steps. This software is a highly integrated with recent technology to restore folders that are lost due to formatting or deletion. No need to worry about support issues, it can process recovery of folders from formatted hard drives/volumes of Windows or Mac-based computers. Even the deleted folder/file recovery on Mac is also possible by using this software. To know more on how to recover deleted files on your MacBook, you can read here -

Initially make out how a folder could be lost after you format the hard drive of your system. Formatting of the hard drive may occur due to human mistakes, suppose while formatting any drive in a hurry if you select a wrong drive to format then it could cause severe data loss. Sometimes, a severe virus attack can make the drive inaccessible on which your valuable folders are stored; in this case, you may format the drive to have access back. Somehow you could manage access the drive, but all files and folders stored on it will be disappeared. Apart from this, MBR corruption, file system corruption, re-installation of OS without maintaining a proper back, hard drive crash etc. could force you to format the drive and you might have lost all your folders like My Pictures, Documents folder, Downloads folder etc and other data from that particular drive/partition. When you are suffering from any of the reason discussed here then you need to choose this folder recovery application to undelete folders after format, for more information visit

Then, after formatting your drive/volume simply you need to use this software. This software is capable of making effective recovery of a folder and other files after format on all Windows and Mac systems. You can use this software to execute folder recovery after format from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5, and exFAT hard drives/partitions in no time. This software has got the strong scanning algorithm which is capable enough to scan and recover files from Hitachi hard drive, as well as from other branded HDD's like Hitachi, Samsung, Sony, HP, Transcend, Iomega, Buffalo etc. This proficient tool is recommended by the recovery professionals and is developed with integrated scan technology to perform the recovery of folders along with all its files. This software supports a restoration of the folders from almost all brands of hard drives after formatting. You can restore folders on Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 8 computers after format operation is performed to any drive or partition. Suppose the folders are deleted or bypassed Recycle Bin or directly removed from the desktop then also it is possible to get back folders in a single scan. For more information on the desktop folder recovery check this link -

This prominent software recovers folder and files from USB drive, CF card, USB flash drive, pen drive and any brand of memory cards after format. Visit this With the help of this application all folders and files that are missed due to any reason can be recovered in a simple steps. Once the folder recovery is completed you can also preview the recovered folders to make sure before restoration. So this is the single platform to resolve all your data loss issues and to restore folder along with other files after the format operation.

SSD is a high capacity storage device that becomes quite popular nowadays. Due to various reasons, an SSD can get formatted which results in huge data loss. However, you can recover files from a formatted SSD drive in an efficient way with the help of this tool.

Steps to restore files & folders after format:

Step 1: Download run the Folder Recovery program and choose "Recover Drives" option and then choose "Recover Formatted Drives" option.

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Choose the drive from which you need to recover folders for scanning process. Once the scan process is completed, then all folders and files can be retrieved.

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: You can preview the recovered folders. You need to purchase the complete version of this software to save recovered folders.

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Folders