How Can I Recover a Folder after Shift Delete?

  • Shift deleted files & folders, files deleted from recycle bin can be recovered with this software
  • Supports recvery of all formats of files that include texts, videos, documents, pictures, audio files, etc.
  • Provides a free preview of the recovered files in its demo version itself that too prior to purchasing the tool
  • Recovers data from formatted, corrupted, and deleted partition from hard drive, pen drive, memory card, SSD, flash drive, USB drive, etc.

Most computer users create folders for their convenience in which they use to store the files which contain similar information or files of similar types. This gives the user a good way to manage, edit, and access those files faster, easier, and effectively. There is an advantage to create folders, which is used to keep the data separately based on their category. To know the advantage of folders let us consider one example. Assume that you have a few videos, audios, pictures, etc. If you place all these files in drive then it will be hard to recognize the files separately so to remove this you can create folders and place the file based on the category in them. But these folders are not away from getting deleted. If you have deleted the folder using Shift-Delete then you will be in a problem. Do you know how to find a folder after Shift-Delete? No, I guess would be the answer but now you need not worry as here is the solution to recover folder. To recover Shift-Deleted folder you can use the Folder Recovery Software

Now have a glimpse on the ways which are employed to delete the folder?

Generally, users delete the folder using the “Delete” key or by using the delete option comes after right-clicking the folder from a mouse. When any of the methods is followed by these two then the folder get stored in the Recycle Bin and if required later, can be restored to the desired location. The other method to delete the folder is to use the "Shift + Delete" keys. When the folder is deleted using this method then it bypasses from the Recycle Bin Storage and a user gets stick in the question, which is how to find a folder after Shift Delete?

Now, how can I recover Shift Deleted folder? To recover Shift Deleted folder you have to use the Folder Recovery Software the software is going to get back all the deleted folders. No matter, which folder is deleted but the software is going to recover Shift-Deleted folder and also those folders which are deleted using different scenarios. With the help of this advanced software, you will also be able to recover deleted folders from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 10 systems.

Now the user will not ask how can I recover Shift Deleted folder but will ask what is the procedure to do it. Now the question will be framed as how to find a folder after Shift Delete? Now the very first thing that you need to follow is keep the source idle from where you have deleted the folders. This action will to keep the folder safe in the source and will let you recover the folder easily without overwriting the data from other data. Now, the answer to the question of how to find a folder after Shift Delete is to use the Folder Recovery Software.

The folder stays in there after they are deleted from the source and can be recovered until and unless some other data is not overwritten in that particular space. Refer to know how to retrieve deleted image folder

Solution to restore Shift Deleted folders

Folder Recovery Software can recover files and folders which are deleted as well as lost from all types of storage devices like hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, iPods etc. It also has the ability to recover folders from different brands of storage devices i.e. it can restore deleted folders from Seagate drive, Western Digital, Hitachi and Iomega hard drives, SanDisk, Lexar and Transcend memory cards and USB drives etc.

Follow these steps to recover Shift Deleted Folder:

Step 1: Download and install this software in your computer, soon after that you will get a welcome screen with three different options. Select "Recover Files" option.

How to Find a Folder after Shift Delete? - Main Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Soon after the selection of the "Recover Deleted Files " or "Recover Lost Files" option, select the "Drive" from which the files need to get back. Immediately after clicking on "Next" button will give rise to the scanning process.

How to Find a Folder after Shift Delete? - Select Drive To Rescue Data

Figure 2: Select Drive To Restore Data

Step 3: Right after the scanning process is completed, the improved data can be viewed using "File Type View"/"Data View" option. Then select "Preview" option to view healthier data prior to saving.

How to Find a Folder after Shift Delete? - Preview Retrieved Data

Figure 3: Preview Restored Data

Step 4: Using the "Save Recovery Session" option to save scanned information. Once you are satisfied with the recovery results you can purchase the software and can activate to load previously saved and scanned information.