Restore Data from Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive

  • Simplified tool that recovers data from formatted, corrupted, and deleted Toshiba hard disk drives
  • Hard drive formatted with NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFSX, and exFAT file systems can be restored with this software
  • Supports different types of hard drives such as SATA, PATA, SCSI, and IDE
  • Apart from Toshiba, it also supports HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and other leading branded laptops

Like other laptops, there is always chance for loss of data due to human errors or some unexpected errors from the Toshiba laptop HDD. Whatever precaution you may take to keep data safe, you can’t deny from being a victim of data loss from your Toshiba laptop. Well, if you lost or permanently deleted some files and folders from Toshiba laptop hard drive then stop worrying. You would be glad to know that it is now easily possible to regain partitions from the Toshiba laptop hard drive. Folder Recovery is the one highly-rated utility which is built with the powerful scanning algorithms to recover data from Toshiba laptop HDD. This program extracts folders from the Toshiba drive without making any modifications to the original data during and after the recovery process.

Scenarios due to which data may get deleted or lost from a Toshiba laptop hard drive

  • Human Error: Files may get deleted due to careless or unawareness of human such as mistakenly choosing the important files with unwanted files for deleting. Cleaning the Recycle Bin without proper checking either they contain important files or not.
  • Virus Infection: Viruses are unwanted digital programs which may damage files and programs on your system. These may enter into your system while browsing the internet, transferring files, etc.
  • Interruption While Transferring: Any interruption while transferring files from one system to another system may lead to deletion or loss of files from Toshiba laptop hard disk.
  • File System Corruption: File system contains metadata about stored files and folder on partitions. If file system gets corrupted due to any reason then related partition become inaccessible and leads to a large data loss.
  • Bad Sector: Data stored on a bad sector become unreachable and data loss occurs. Bad sectors may be created on your hard drive due to frequently improper shutting down of the system.
  • Other Reasons: Despite the above-mentioned scenarios there are many more reasons which may be responsible for data loss from Toshiba laptop hard drive such as system crash; interruption while moving files, etc.

Whatever may be the reason behind the data loss, the Folder Recovery software can recover data from a Toshiba hard drive in an easy and efficient way. This tool can also recover data from the Maxtor external hard drive, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, WD, Buffalo, Hitachi, Sony and so on.

Why opt Folder Recovery software?

Folder Recovery is the most efficient data restoration software to fetch data from a Toshiba laptop hard drive. It has a powerful algorithm which is capable enough to recover larger capacity hard drive’s data within a few minutes. This tool supports almost all popular OS versions of Mac as well Windows. It has an interactive GUI which enables novice users to recover deleted folders and various files from a Toshiba laptop hard drive as an expert. After recovering data from Toshiba laptop hard drive, you can view those prior to storing on actual memory space. You can save recovered data from Toshiba laptop hard drive to your desired location.

Steps to Restore Data from Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive:

Step 1: Launch the program and select “Recover Drives” option from the main screen.

Restore Data From Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: On the next screen choose either "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" option. Then pick the Toshiba laptop hard drive from where you need to recover data.

Recover Data from Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive - Select Drive To Rescue Data

Fig 2: Select Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive

Step 3: After the completion of the scanning process, you can preview recovered files in "File Type View" or "Data View".

Data Recovery from Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive - Preview Retrieved Files

Figure 3: Preview Restored Files