How Can I Recover a Folder after Shift-Delete?

  • Securely restores Shift-deleted files/folders in quick steps
  • Supports retrieval of all formats of files including- text, videos, pictures, audio files, etc.
  • Provides a free preview of the recovered files in the demo version
  • It also works with various external storage drives like USB drives, memory cards, SSD, USB drives, etc.
  • Fully compatible with all editions of Windows and Mac OSX

If you deleted your valuable folders using Shift-Delete then it seems like you are in great trouble. Do you know how to find a folder after Shift-Delete? If not, then find here the best solution to recover folders that are permanently deleted from the computer drive. To recover Shift-Deleted folder you can use the Folder Recovery Software

Now have a glimpse of the ways that are employed to delete folders?

Generally, users delete the folder using the “Delete” key or by using the delete option comes after right-clicking the folder from a mouse. When any of the methods is followed by these two then the folder gets stored in the Recycle Bin and if required later, can be restored to the original location. The other method to delete the folder is to use the "Shift + Delete" keys. When the folder is deleted using this method then it bypasses from the Recycle Bin folder. Thus, the deleted folders will be not accessible anywhere on the computer storage upon applying Shift-Delete operation.

The simplest way to restore Shift-Deleted files on Windows systems

Folder Recovery is the best solution to retrieve Shift-Deleted folders without any hassle. It is an eminent tool that is highly capable of restoring permanently deleted data in a matter of a few clicks. It is been built using the powerful scan engine that extracts the folders without modifying their original contents or the file structure. With the help of this advanced software, you can swiftly recover deleted folders from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10 systems.

Remember: Upon experiencing folder deletion, the very first thing that you need to follow is to stop using the system further for any write operations (do not start saving new files). This action will keep the folder safe in the source and will let you recover the folder easily without overwriting the data from other data.

The Folder Recovery software supports the recovery of more than 300+ file formats including- images, audio, documents, videos, and other media file formats. Refer to know how to retrieve deleted image folder. One can also make use of the demo version of the application that is available for free.

Additional info: Get complete information about the steps to restore deleted folders from Seagate drive and other brands of external drives using the Folder Recovery program.

Follow these steps to recover Shift-Deleted Folder:

Step 1: Download and install this software on your Windows computer, soon after that you will get a welcome screen with three different options. Select "Recover Files" option.

Step 2: Browse the drive location that is to be scanned for files deleted via Shift-Delete keys. To begin the recovery process, simply press on the Scan icon.

Figure 1: Recover Partitions/Drives

Step 3: The storage drive will be deep scanned for deleted or lost files/folders. The progress of folder restoration will appear on a new window.

Figure 2: Scanning for Folders

Step 4: View the recovery results in either of File Type View or Data View panes.

Figure 3: Recovered Folders

Step 5: You can preview the file contents with a right-click.

Figure 4: Preview Window

Step 6: Mention a drive location to save the files recovered after deletion using Shift-Delete. Then click on the Save button.

Figure 5: Save Recovered Folders