How to Get Back Deleted Folders from PC?

  • The files and folders that are deleted after accidental deletion, shift delete, formatting, virus infetion, etcc. can be recovered with the Folder Recovery software
  • Scans the PC with its advancd scanning algorithms and recovers th files from formatted, corrupted, and deleted partition
  • Apart from computer's internal hard drive, it also recovers files & folders from external hard drive, flash drive, pen drive, memory card, etc.
  • Supports all file formats including videos, texts, images, audio files, etc.

Have you mistakenly deleted folder consisting of important project files and end up losing entire data from the computer? Now, desperately looking for a reliable data rescue tool to easily get back deleted data within a few steps? If yes, then stop cursing yourself and immediately use this award-winning software to readily obtain back deleted files within a short span of time. Before coming to any conclusion check whether you have taken a proper backup of stored data. If not taken proper backup then no need to worry about, this easy to use software is there for your help.

Nowadays, people often create folders in which they store files in order to manage, edit and access those files quickly and easily. But, sometimes you might end up deleting the crucial files from your system due to certain human mistakes. To conquer these situations simply make use of this hassle-free application to readily bring back deleted file such as photo, audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, etc with great ease. This software can facilitate you to rescue files which are completely deleted files from your system at your fingertips. Apart from this, you can also use this powerful tool to recover PST folder with ease. For more info, Refer link: .

Factors responsible for deletion of folders:

  • Accidental deletion: At times, while accessing folders from your system end up selecting "Shift + Delete" or "Command + Shift + Delete" option. This can result in complete deletion of the crucial folder by emptying of recycle bin or trash.
  • Bypassing recycle bin or trash: Sometimes, while trying to delete small folder end up deleting large folder comprising of crucial data. But, deletion of a large sized folder bypass recycle bin or trash making you unable to find any option on the computer to restore them.
  • Files deleted using cut and paste command: Whenever you will select a particular and perform cut and paste command in order to copy the corresponding file to other location. Meanwhile, during the process any interruption occurs such as sudden power failure can delete a file from the source location.
  • Usage of the third-party software: An mproper way of using any third-party tool such as antivirus software might delete important folders while scanning the drive infected by the virus.

Whatsoever might be the cause for deletion of important folders from your computer, without wasting any time make use of this highly-sophisticated software. You can also easily retrieve folders deleted due to defrag failure, improper system shutdown, etc. With the aid of this universal binary application, you can bring back deleted items folder from Outlook of different versions with great ease. This software has the ability to perform rigorous scanning of deleted folders to get back files from the hard drive of different types such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc based on their unique signatures. You can also make use of this software to know about how to restore folder after emptying the recycle bin due to different reasons.

To avoid further folder deletion avoid saving new data on your system in order to prevent overwriting of deleted data with a new one. This software can rescue deleted folders from external drives such as USB drive, Pen drive, etc, external hard drives, laptop, etc. with ease. Now, its possible for even novice users to readily bring back deleted folders from Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista machine using this highly-powerful application efficiently. Also, you can obtain back deleted folders from Mac OS X, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Mavericks, El Capitan, Sierra etc. with utmost ease.

Steps to get back deleted folders from computer:

Step 1: Download and install this software on your computer, soon after that you will get a welcome screen with three different options. Among them click on "Recover Files" option

How to Get Back Deleted Folders from Computer - Main Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Soon after the selection of the "Recover Deleted Files" option, select the drive from which the files need to be restored. Immediately after clicking on "Next" button will give rise to the scanning process.

How to Get Back Deleted Folders from Computer - Select Drive To Rescue Data

Figure 2: Select Drive To Restore Deleted Folders

Step 3: Right after the scanning process is completed, the improved data can be viewed using "File Type View"/"Data View" option. Then select "Preview" option to view healthier data prior to saving.

How to Get Back Deleted Folders from Computer - Preview Retrieved Data

Figure 3: Preview Restored Deleted Folders

Step 4: Using the "Save Recovery Session" option to save scanned information. Once you are satisfied with the recovery results can purchase the software and can activate to load previously saved and scanned information.