Restore Deleted Folder from Pen Drive

  • Restores the folders deleted from pen drive after accidental deletion, format, virus infection, etc.
  • Supports recovery of over 300 types of files including videos, images, audio files, documents, HTML files, PDF, .apk files, and much more
  • Apart from pen drive, it also regains lost or deleted files from other storage devices like internal & external hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, etc.
  • The trial version of this software recovers the files and folders & offers free preview of the recovered files before you purchase the tool

Pen Drive is a portable storage device used to transfer data from one system to another. It can also be used to backup your essential files and folders as it has large storage capacity. But sometimes, you may get into trouble if some of your important folders get deleted from the Pen drive and you are not having a backup of those deleted folders. Usually, this kind of scenarios occurs due to human mistakes i.e., while copying folders from Pen drive, your friend or any third-party user may unknowingly delete some of your essential folders. So, in such situations, if you want to restore deleted folder from Pen drive, then you will need a reliable third-party recovery application.

The files or folders deleted from a Pen drive on Windows or Mac computer will not be directed or reside in Recycle Bin/Mac Trash. So, without making use of any third-party tool you just can’t retrieve deleted folder from Pen drive. Anyhow, you will get various tools on the net to undelete folder from Pen drive, and one among them is the Folder Recovery Software. It is a best and most recommended file and folder recovery tool to restore deleted folder from Pen drive. It efficiently performs deleted folder recovery from Pen drive of various brands like HP, SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Sony, Moser Baer etc. Apart from this, you can also use this effective utility to recover my pictures folder in a short span of time. If you want to know more about how to recover my pictures folder then, click on this link:

Have a look at the scenarios that result in deletion of folders from the Pen drive:

  • Compared to external HDD, Pen drive doesn’t have much storage space, so in order to free up some memory space, you may delete unwanted files and folders from it. But during this deletion process, you may accidentally delete some your important folders from your Pen drive.
  • With the help of Pen drive, you may transfer files and folders from one system to another. But while transferring files from Pen drive other storage systems, if any interruption occurs then there are chances for deletion of folders from the Pen drive.
  • If your Pen drive is severely infected by the virus, then after connecting it to your system a window pops up saying to scan the device. So, if you scan your Pen drive using an updated anti-virus tool, then some of the files and folders may get deleted from your Pen drive.
  • The other reasons that lead to deletion of folders from Pen drive are mishandling of PD, formatting, etc.

No matter whatever may be the reason for deletion of folders from Pen drive, you just make use of Folder Recovery Software and known how to recover deleted folder from Pen drive within a short duration of time. This recovery tool can also be used to recover files lost after system restore in an effective way.

Outstanding features of Folder Recovery Software

Folder Recovery is an incredible and well-known product used by both industry professionals and normal users to restore deleted folder from a Pen drive. It has the capability to recover deleted music folders, video folders, photo folders, document folder, and other file folders. This tool has the ability to restore deleted folders from Pen drive, external HDD, FireWire drive, memory stick, iPods, SD cards etc. It has strong scanning programs that efficiently find and restore deleted files and folders from Pen drive. It also has a user-friendly interface that provides onscreen instructions to know how to recover deleted folder from Pen drive. With the help of this effective software, you can perform a lost or deleted folder recovery on both Windows and Mac computers. It also allows you to recover zipped files and folders from exFAT, NTFS, HFSX, FAT and HFS volumes/drives. After the recovery process, it enables you to preview recovered folders before saving on any desired location.

Steps to restore deleted folders from Pen drive:

Step 1: Run the Folder Recovery application and select "Recover Photos" option from the screen. You will be prompted to next screen from where you need to select "Recover Deleted Photos" option to Restore Deleted Folder from the removable Pen Drive.

Restore Moved Folder - Main Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Now, you will get the list of drives on your computer. Select your Pen drive from which you need to recover deleted music, image, video, document and other file folders and then click on the "Next" button as shown in Figure 2.

Restore Moved Folder - Select Pen Drive

Figure 2: Select Pen Drive

Step 3: Software scans the selected Pen drive and displays the result in "File Type View" or "Data View" as shown in Figure 3. You can preview recovered folders using "Preview" option and use "Save" option to save them on any drive of the computer.

Restore Moved Folder - List of Recovered Files

Figure 3: List of Recovered Folder Files