Restore Deleted Folders on Seagate Drive

Seagate is one of the tech giant in manufacturing storage devices to satisfy all kinds of business needs. Infect this particular tech giant has impacted its footprint in a wide range in the computing device world. Particularly the Seagate hard drives for desktops and laptops are quiet popular. Moreover the popularity factor lies in its immense support for wide variety of file system and folder operations that may be basic or complex. These operations are updated now and then started from the age of IDE hard drives to the latest Hybrid Solid State Drives. Day by day Seagate is improving its technology to optimize the space complexity and folder structures. However, sometimes it lacks at one saturation point. Itbs the place where the users looking forward to restore their deleted folders on Seagate drive.

Well the Seagate drives make use of data files and folders in the same manners as other drives. The internal structures vary accordingly based on the file systems used. The impact can be found in the folder structure as well. This makes the deleted folder recovery process complex at times in Seagate drive. If a proper and well designed deleted folder restoration tool used then the recoup process is only a matter of time. One of the finest products to restore deleted folders on Seagate drive is provided here. This tool is capable of restoring the deleted folders along with its original file structure. It can also facilitates you to recover files from RAW partition

Consider a situation that a Seagate SSHD user has deleted his / her entire folders from the Seagate repartitioned hard drive with NTFS file system. Many recovery tools fail here because of the raising conflicts appearing in the Seagate hard drive. But the software mentioned here can support a wide range of file systems such as NTFS, FAT32, ExFAT etc. This tool is designed in a way to restore deleted folders from all types of Seagate hard drives such as SCSI, IDE, SATA, SSD, SSHD etc. Besides this, you use this utility to recover data from Toshiba laptop hard drive, Dell laptop, Lenovo laptop, and so on. With the help of this software, you can perform Seagate drive folder recovery in few mouse clicks. The steps involved in this process are as follows they are.

  • Get the Seagate hard drive recovery software from the link provided here
  • Once the download is done install it in your PC running Windows operating systems
  • After successful installation initiate the software. In the main window choose bRecover deleted Filesb.
  • In the next upcoming window choose the logical drive that completely owes your deleted data.
  • After choosing the drive hit the right arrow at the bottom right corner.
  • This will initiate the scanning process and extracts all the deleted folders in that logical drive along with its file structure.
  • Now all the folders that are deleted before from your Seagate hard drive will be displayed. Here you need to change the view to bFile Type Viewb so that the recovered folders can be sorted out easily from other files.
  • Choose the needed folders from the list save the session to any storage device.
  • If necessary preview the recovered folders. This option will be highly useful if the deleted folders contains pictures or images. so it will be easy to restore deleted pictures folders within no time.
  • If satisfied by its working convert the demo version to full version by purchasing the key for activation. Once the software is activated

Note: Now, it is possible to get data back from a deleted Windows 10 partition in a safe and convenient way with the help of this Folder Recovery tool. Just read the following page, because it will throw away all your doubts in your mind about this topic.

Precautions to Avoid Data Loss:

Do not try to restore deleted folders from a defragmented or shredded Seagate hard drive. Itbs useless because in both cases the storage memory alignment is revamped for optimization. This will destroy the folder structure and the data canbt be recovered at any cost.