Folder Recovery on Windows 7

To store similar files at one place we create a folder and store such files in it. This way of arranging files in a single folder makes things easier and manageable. It becomes easier to access files of same type when we store them in a single folder. The different folders are stored in the hard disk of your Windows computer in different partitions so that they can be quickly accessed without much difficulty. But the problem associated with your Windows hard disk is that it may get corrupt at any time and due to corruption of your disk you will lose all the essential folders.

There are various reasons for hard disk corruption and all of them are quite powerful to be prevented. The ultimate result of your hard drive corruption is huge data loss which is not affordable at all. If you have backed up all your necessary folders before disk corruption then you are lucky. You need not worry if you already have a backup of the disk folders. But if you didnbt create a backup and your hard disk is corrupt then unfortunately you will lose all your folders stored in the disk. But you need not be disappointed that you can never ever get back the lost folders since it is simple as well as easy to recover folder by using folder recovery software which is a popular tool to retrieve folders or files lost from Windows 7 or any other Windows computer.

The different reasons for loss of folders from Windows 7 hard disk are corruption of disk, operating system corruption, MBR corruption, power failure etc. Windows 7 hard disk is not immune to corruption and due to any malware attack or adware attack it may get corrupt very easily. This corruption leads to the loss of folders from the Windows drives. Sudden power failure results in improper shutdown of the computer system which is one of the major reasons for the loss of folders. MBR or Master Boot Record corruption leads to an unbootable system which means you will not be able to access the hard disk data and thus folders are lost due to MBR corruption. When your disk folders are lost due to such reasons you can make use of folder recovery to recover folders and files from damaged drive.

Folder recovery is a unique tool that can quickly recover deleted fodler on Windows 7 disk. You can easily recover folders from Windows 7 partitions that are lost due to virus attack, operating system corruption etc by using folder recovery. It is also possible to undelete folders from Windows 7 hard drives such as SATA, IDE etc. with the help of folder recovery tool. It is simple to restore folders from different Windows 7 partitions such as FAT16, FAT32 etc. by using folder recovery engine. If you accidentally emptied the deleted items folder in your Microsoft Outlook then you can use folder recovery utility as it is the best tool to restore Outlook folders from different Outlook versions such as 2000, 2003, 2010 etc. Now let us see how to perform folder recovery on Windows 7 computer.

As Windows 8 Operating System is the latest release of Microsoft Windows, everyone wants to use it to enjoy the exclusive features. However, they are not excluded from loss of files and folders. Therefore, if you are Windows 8 users and deleted files and folders from it then you can use this software as it is upgraded to recover deleted files and folders from Windows 8 with utmost ease.

Note: This tool is not only for NTFS file systems on Windows 7. It supports recovery from FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, exFAT, NTFS5, and many more. For intance, it can recover files from HFS partition which got deleted or lost due to unanticipated reasons. The files hence recovered can be saved into any drive accessible to host OS. 

Folder recovery on Windows 7:

Recover folders from corrupt Windows 7 hard disk by following the instructions given below

Step 1: Download and install folder recovery in your system. From the main screen choose "Recover Partitions / Drives" option and then click on "Partition Recovery" option once you get the second screen to recover folder from corrupt hard disk partition.

Folder Recovery on Windows 7 - Select Partition Recovery

Figure 1: Select Partition Recovery

Step 2: Select a physical drive say a Seagate hard drive from the list of physical drives to begin the scanning process. Once the scanning process is over you will get a list of lost partitions among which you need to choose a particular partition to recover folder from it by clicking on "Next" option.

Folder Recovery on Windows 7 - Select Physical Drive

Figure 2: Select Physical Drive

Step 3: You can preview the recovered data by using "Preview" option. Then you can click on "Save Recovery Session" option to save the scanned results.

Folder Recovery on Windows 7  - Preview Recovered Data

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Data

Step 4: After saving the recovery session you can buy folder recovery if you are satisfied with its performance.